Friday, May 20, 2011

The treadmill and me...

This is how I feel running outside right now

It is about 85 degrees outside here in Tennessee today. I have trouble walking outside when it's 85 degrees (I think it's some kind of post traumatic stress disorder from being 3rd trimester pregnant during the summer... twice...). So, I decided not to run outside, and to try to make friends with the treadmill.

Now, the treadmill and I have history. When I first started running, I *only* ran on the treadmill. I ran well on the treadmill. But, I had trouble running outside. It was much harder. Since most races don't happen on treadmills, I decided to train more outside. But then, weather happens, and luckily I have access to an indoor track, so I did a lot of training that way.

Last summer I didn't run at all. We moved really far away from work and I was spending 2.5 hours commuting. It was dark when I left the house, and dark when I got home. Plus, I was very pregnant, so that was a pretty good excuse. After my daughter was born, I started running outside and on the track.

So, now, I go to the treadmill and can barely stand it. I feel like I should do it to measure my pace. I would love to train myself to run exactly a 10:00 mile for 3 miles... but I just can't stand the treadmill.

Part of me thinks the treadmill is stupid and I should just never do it. But part of me feels like I need to conquer it! GRRRR!


Anyway, I ran. I may run outside tomorrow but for a very short time so I don't have heat stroke.

How was your last run?


BabyWilt said...

It really humours me the way everyone has a different "love hate" relationship with the treadmill. Mines called Freddie the Treaddie and he treats me well, I like running on him because its easier & I KNOW there are no hills ;-) I'm on the road tomorrow morning for my first 20 minutes of C25K week 5 I gotta conquer the road!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I just wish i had one, so on these really downpour type days I could run dry.

Ashley Weatherly said...

I can take the treadmill or leave it. I love running outside, though! Either early morning/afternoon or around 7pm bc the heat affects me *big time*, too! My last run was for an hour, today, about 5 miles. That's one of my better runs and it feels wonderful. Especially since I couldn't stay out of the pantry/fridge today...it's a special time for me ; ) And, of course, I love my Chalene vids when running isn't an option!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya!! You know I'm not a big treadmill fan and will only use it if I HAVE TO!!!!! (mamarunsbarefoot)

mike said...

Have you ever tried doing interval training on the treadmill? It makes the time go by faster and you can burn many calories. There are also many different ways to do it. I like 30 second sprint, 1 minute fast walk, 1 minute incline walk, and then repeat. Doing cardio on machines inside can get boring fast.

Kristin said...

I've been doing intervals this week on the treadmill since it was cold and rainy (.20 of a mile run at a pace I'd like to be able to hold for 3, then .10 walk, for a distance of three miles, with stretching between each mile. My preference is to run on trails or blacktop in the woods or by the water. The treadmill is way too boring for me to run long straight runs on it, even with music.

Sarah said...

Thanks you guys. I hadn't thought about doing intervals. I know I need them, and the treadmill is the best place. It's looking like, unless I get up at 5 am, I'm going to be running inside for the summer! So this helps :-)