Monday, May 23, 2011

Me + The Treadmill= BFF..

This was *not* me today:
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So, I took the advice of some readers (Thanks you guys) and did some interval training today. I'm so glad I did.

I worked on speed and incline (at different times- no I did not run fast hills or anything crazy like that) and feel like I got a great workout. Another day's workout will be running for 30 minutes straight. Today was about BRINGING IT... and then taking a walk break... and then BRINGING IT!!!!...

Here's what I did:

Walk 5 minutes to warm up
6 cycles of the following:
1 minute of running flat at 5.5 pace
90 seconds of running at 2.5/3 incline at 5.5 pace
90 seconds of running flat at 7.1 pace
1 minute walk to recover

Then I walked 5 minutes to cool down.


I think if I do this workout once a week, I'll definitely see some improvement. Plus, it was different enough from a track workout that I feel like I could even run 30 minutes on the track tomorrow and not feel like I did the same workout...

The treadmill finally has a place in my life... thanks everyone for the suggestions!

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Mizzreviewlady said...

NICE:) I really need to start working out and loosing weight!