Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday: Paleo-tastic!

It's like "Ice Age" over here..

Paleo Paleo Paleo... It seems to be everywhere I go. Many bloggers I follow are trying it, and seeing great results. Personal friends are doing it. Is it a sign that I should try it? Well, yeah, I think so...

I was so good last week. I stayed within my calories. And then, on Monday after my run at the gym, I weighed. I gained 2 pounds. Again. WTF?????

I worked out like a crazy person. But the things I ate (other than my Shakeology) were not pure, whole foods. There were processed foods. There was dairy. Things that you think are healthy because the calories are low.

So, I'm going to do something drastic:

The Whole 30.

30 days of super clean eating, based on the Paleo diet. Here are the rules:

  • No added sugar of any kind, real or artificial.
  • No processed foods
  • No alcohol
  • No grains. (This is going to be rough for me)
  • No legumes. (Also rough)
  • No dairy. (The worst part of this will be black coffee. BLACK COFFEE, PEOPLE!)
    • [Disclaimer: I do plan on drinking my Shakeology daily. It is pure and whole, and the only "dairy" is the "whey protein". There is a vegan version coming out soon, and I'll switch to that when it happens. Just not willing to go without Shakeology- it's too awesome].
  • No white potatoes. 

Also, for the whole 30 days, no stepping on the scale. No portion measuring.

I'm going to do it, starting June 1. Hey, that's a week from today... (gulping coffee with creamer).

This is not just about weight loss. This is about health.

When I was eating mostly raw foods, I was the healthiest I had ever been. I remember waking up one day, after an ozone detox, and thinking, "I didn't know I could feel this good!". I think I go through the day thinking this is as good as it gets- I'm pretty healthy. But, what if it can be better?

I agree with the principal of not weighing and not worrying about weight. I just want to be as healthy as possible. So I'm committing to 30 days. It's going to be rough. My wedding anniversary is June 21. I'll be at Beachbody Summit for 3 days in June. But my desire for change is going to have to be stronger than my desire to cheat.

I have a week to prepare. I have a week to research how to do this "diet" frugally. But I'm excited.

Here is a link to the website's "Resources" page, with a lot of info that is helpful: http://whole9life.com/resources/

And, here are some pics of some possible things I might eat (all of these are from the Whole9 website):

Okay, these all look pretty good. You can also just simply put the ingredients together. I still have a week to plan, but this makes me hopeful.

Yes, I am jumping on a bandwagon. I completely admit it. But, there is a reason there is a bandwagon. It must be good. So, why not try it?

If you have any thoughts, experience or resources to share as I prepare, I would *love* to hear them!

Happy Wednesday!


tara said...

Oh my good luck. I am always irritated that i gain weight when running 100 mile weeks but i think to some extent it is just part of the game. Hope this works for you. Sounds good.

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

People I know who have gone paelo love it, but I don't think I could do it.

I hope you feel good and see some change.