Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Workout at Home: Review of Eoin Finn's "Pure and Simple Yoga"

This is one of my favorite yoga workouts. It's not complicated, it's not too long, and there is just the right balance between challenge and relaxation.

I should start off by saying how much I love Eoin Finn. I mean, he is such a gentle soul. It comes across in his instruction. I've done many yoga practices of his (he has lots more, including free downloads if you'd like to check him out) and just love the joy he exudes.

This is a 40-minute practice. It's designed for beginners and intermediates. One of the great features of the DVD is that you can choose the beginner track (where Eoin demonstrates the beginner versions of each pose), the intermediate track (He demonstrates the intermediate version) or both in a split screen. You can also choose to have music or no music, music and no instruction (the "Zen" track), or tidal breath (which is quite calming, but not for everyone).

Here is a general breakdown:

Sun Salutations: A and B
Forward bends
Right angle pose
Crescent/hip flexor stretch
Pigeon (YES! My favorite)
Boat Poses
Happy Baby/Reclined pigeon

I always feel good after this. It's not "Power Yoga Kill Yourself ARRRRRGGGGGHHH!" but a nice recovery from all the running and crazy workouts I do the rest of the week.

If you'd like to learn more about Eoin Finn, please check out his website (I highly recommend it): http://www.blissology.com/

(P.S. Kind of a disclaimer: I don't sell this workout, you can't get it from me, and I did not get a free copy. I just really really love it...)


Anonymous said...

I really should do yoga.. Im a bit of a spaz though because I want it to move faster!! LOL

Sarah said...

Ha ha! Well, I think that means you need it even more! :-) Eoin has some other practices that move faster. You should try it!

Alyna said...

Hmmm, considering my stress levels recently, I should probably be doing more yoga! Great review. I'm going to be checking this out. :-)