Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Songs to Run To

Music is the best part of running for me. It has always moved me. Now, I'm a classically trained musician and music scholar (yawn), but the music I like the best is "anything that's good to run to." I mean, I'm serious- I will have a spiritual experience if the music and movement are together just right. It's magical.

So I have a few songs that are my current favorites. I will share them here:

A few songs have an absolutely perfect B.P.M. (Beats Per Minute) and they help me keep perfect pace.

I ran today with this one and it was PERFECT for my almost 10 minute mile (hey, it was hot).(And by hot I mean 80).

This is another one that is perfect. Not only is the pace perfect, it's about 5 minutes long, so I can say, "I just have to finish this song!"

I like the "clean" lyrics, but I must admit when I have a rough time on a run, I sometimes shout out the expletives. (Don't tell my kids).

Another new one that's not really about pace, but just feels good to run to:

I know this one is overplayed, but I still really like it:

(and whenever my son hears it, he says, "Hey, Mommy! That's your song!")

And, of course this one:

What are your favorite "Songs to Run To"? Or, what's a song that gets you going?

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