Friday, May 20, 2011

High Five 5 Question Friday!

It's Friday! Here's your high five!

So, instead of five actual "questions", I want to list 5 "things". So, I'm listing 5 things for which I'm grateful.
(I got this idea from The Clothes Make The Girl, and you should totally check out her blog because it's AWESOME).

1. Coffee.
You probably could have guessed this. I never get tired of proclaiming my love for coffee. I have tried living without coffee. I've tried giving up caffeine. I've tried enjoying tea. None of these last very long. So, for now, I embrace my great love of coffee whole-heartedly. Maybe another day I'll quit... but not for a very long time.

2. Social Media
"Wow. How shallow!" you may be thinking. But honestly, social media has changed my life. When I moved from my home of 10 years in Texas to another state, I didn't lose all my friends. In fact, there are some friends I talk to *more* often now, even though we are in different states. And, also, there are folks I've met through Social Media and my Beachbody Coaching business that I've never even met in person, but who are some of my closest friends. My life is richer for these folks. Also, I enjoy entertaining people through my social media platforms, such as Facebook (my favorite).

3. Running
I spent years trying to be someone who enjoyed running. Well, I didn't try very hard. I would start running, and have to stop, and say, "Well, that's too hard. Guess I'm not a runner..." It was only when I worked up to it through Couch to 5K that I finally *became* a runner. I still have days when I don't feel like a runner... but I'm so thankful for my ability to run (and walk and do other things as well).

4. My children
Holy moly! It amazes me that I grew 2 healthy, perfect people inside my body! They are perfect. Yes, they are challenging, and I admit to worrying about all the bad parenting karma I have coming to me, but I can never let myself forget how lucky I am...

5. You
Yes, you. You're reading this, therefore, I'm thankful for you. I like to talk about myself. I think I'm hilarious. However, it's more fun to know someone is listening. So, thanks!

Play along and list some things you're thankful for (and ignore my bad grammar).

Have a great Friday!


BabyWilt said...

I'm very thankful for an understanding hubby who has made a VERY big sacrifice today xxx

Sarah said...

Way to go hubby :-)

Have a good weekend!