Who am I?

This blog started with no direction. I didn't know if I wanted to talk about librarian stuff, fitness, parenting, or just stuff I like. I decided to focus on fitness for a while...

Then I had my 3rd baby and discovered all my great and fabulous plans went out the window, because working full time and parenting 3 kids is REALLY FREAKING HARD.

So, I decided I don't want to try to give people advice on fitness and weight loss anymore. I don't have the answers, and probably won't for a while ever.

But what I do know about:
- working out (I still really love it. When I am able to do it).
- TV (especially anything with Nathan Fillion).
- barely succeeding at parenting (and by that I mean "keeping the kids alive and minimally traumatized")
- Librarian stuff
- Debt
- Being in college
... And whatever else I feel like talking about.

So that's the new focus. I have 3 kids. I'm tired a lot. I workout when I can. One day my career will be the priority. I am also really broke and dream of having an organized and clean house.

I have a Facebook page. You should go there.

And here are some pictures and stuff.

Six months after the birth of my first child

In the same top, this time wearing size 4 jeans (one year after my first was born)

I never really smile that much when I'm running...

Oh man, those shoulders.

Making people uncomfortable at the gym by lifting heavy while pregnant.

2 days before my third baby was born

Me with all the people who have lived in my uterus.

What I look like most of the time.