Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Awesomeday Recap (and more)

Have you participated in Awesomeday yet? I highly recommended (and not just because I co-created it!)

I made a decision a while ago to focus on positive things. I wanted to change my attitude. I wanted to attract positive things. I wanted to be happier.

I decided that I would focus on the blessings- the little ones, the big ones, and just kind of ignore the things I didn't like (well, I can't completely ignore them- I have to pay taxes, for example..).

I found that when I focused on blessings, everything seemed a little better. Soon I noticed things started to actually get better. I didn't really care if I was imagining it or if it was real- I was actually happier!

So, when one of my friends suggested she was having such a great day, she wanted to rename Wednesday "Awesomeday", I ran with it...

So, every Wednesday, we have "Awesomeday". There aren't really any rules- just list the "awesome things". Little things, big things... the more you list, the happier you are!

With all that in mind, here is my list from yesterday:

Things that are awesome, #1: a good night's sleep!

Things that are awesome, #2: Coffee.

Things that are awesome, #3: Shakeology "ice cream"...

Things that are awesome, #4: Casey Jones, from Quints By Surprise- running while pushing a jogging stroller full of 5 children! I'm pretty impressed with her!

Things that are awesome, #5: TEAM AWESOME! You guys ROCK. SO. MUCH

Things that are awesome, #6: The run I just took. Also, not being bitten by dogs while running is awesome.

Things that are awesome, #7: The sweet bonus anyone who orders Shakeology on HD gets from me this month.... Hmmmm, are you curious what it is?

Things that are awesome, #8: The fact that tomorrow is yoga day. I need it...

Things that are awesome, #9: My son: Cleaning is a party.
My son rocks.

Things that are awesome, #10: Amazing friends... some I've never met in person but talk to every day; some who live in another state, but I talk to them every day; some I see every day. I am lucky to be blessed with ALL of you!

So, I hope you all had a wonderful Awesomeday, and if you don't celebrate Awesomeday, I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday, and found some things to be thankful for...


Anonymous said...

Coffee!! Oh YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Girl, I *knew* you'd agree with me!