Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Awesomeday Recap

Yesterday was my favorite day of the week: Awesomeday! That's the day where we list all the things that are "awesome"- anything, no matter how small... just to get your focus on what is good in your day.

Things that are awesome, #1: Team Awesome (my Beachbody team) welcomes a new coach! 

Things that are awesome, #2: This coffee is particularly good. Oh how I love coffee..

Things that are awesome, #3: Finishing today's P90X workout, then turning on the tv to see the
P90X infomercial! Love when that happens!

Things that are awesome, #4: 

Two of my three favorite people!

Things that are awesome, #5: 
Free samples of coffee!

Things that are awesome, #6: Someone just gave me a carton of eggs. For free :-)

Things that are awesome, #7: OCLC Connexion working with Millenium. Especially exporting. Yes.

Things that are awesome, #8: Working with nice people that I like :-)

Things that are awesome, #9: Having a workout that was so effective on Monday, you're still sore (in a good way) on Wednesday. Love. It.

Things that are awesome, #10: I got a spot early in the Murfreesboro Half Marathon "The Middle Half" before it sold out! (It just sold out)...

Things that are awesome, #11: Brooke Lippy (one of my team members) is going to BB Summit!! I get to see her in person!

Things that are awesome, #12: Having a nice talk with an old friendwho taught me *almost* everything I know about music :-)

Things that are awesome, #13: Going on the lunchtime run...

Things that are awesome, #14: You. Give yourself a high five for me.

Things that are awesome #15: in a little over a month I'll be at Beachbody Summit with too many awesome people to tag here! Hooray!

Things that are awesome #16: Making it onto the Team Infinity Beachbody Coaches call... even a little late.

Things that are awesome #17: My son: "I'm okay, Mommy. I just fell down on my bed a little." I think my son is the most hilarious person ever.

So, I'm thankful for all the awesome things this week brought. I also loved seeing other people post Awesomeday status updates throughout the day. The good mood is contagious, y'all!

Join us next Wednesday-- I mean Awesomeday- and count your blessings. You'll be amazed how doing so can improve even the worst day!

And, as always, I'd love to see you on our Facebook page! 


Anonymous said...

Px90! Beachbody! YAY that's awesome!!

BabyWilt said...

`'awesome, #14"
*SMACK* high five :-)