Saturday, February 12, 2011


"I had an epiphany."
-Angel Angel, Season 2

This is me at the end of today's run. Not sure why I look so confused.

I went out today for my "long" run. The goal was 5 miles. I psyched myself out beforehand:
"I will not worry about speed."
"I will go slow."
"I will take walk breaks."

So I did. I did a run 4 minute/walk 1 minute split. It was amazingly manageable (although, after about 25 minutes, the walk breaks seemed to get much shorter.)

I planned to do 60 minutes. This breaks down to 12 of these 5 minute segments. (See how I continued to psych myself out?)

Anyway, the epiphany part, or "why I run."

I was about to get to my last interval. The song "This is your life" came on. I did something a little strange: I prayed.

I looked up, and the sky was such a beautiful blue (it really was amazing compared to the weather we had all week.) I just said, "God, thanks for getting me this far. I know you don't hear from me much, but I'm really, really thankful for my kids and my wonderful husband. I really like my life. It's not perfect, but that's okay."

And I ran as hard as I can for a little over 5 minutes.

"This is your life. Are you who you want to be?"

As I heard those words, I thought, "Yes, I think I am." I mean, I've made mistakes and I've done SO MANY things I'm ashamed of. But, today, I'm exactly who I want to be. I find myself asking every day as I make little choices: "Is this who I want to be?"

So, it's runs like these that keep me coming back.

Have an awesome day.



Samantha said...

Thanks for following An Organised Mum. I am now following you.

Zoey Martin said...

I immediately love anyone who quotes Angel. My mantra used to be is that choice congruent with my life goal? It was surprisingly successful.