Monday, February 14, 2011

Today's Workout, or "What a Monday Morning Looks Like"..

Since I can't run 4 days a week (at the moment), I decided I would benefit from replacing one of those runs with Turbofire.

The alarm went off at 3:45. Yawn. My daughter wasn't interested in letting me get up just yet (we co-sleep), and I could hear the cat messing around in the kitchen. I got nervous. Then, I heard a CRASH. Oh no. Even more nervous.

The cat came into the bedroom smelling of old coffee, and my worst fear was that she had knocked over (and broken) the French Press. The horror!

Finally, I released myself from my daughter's grip and went to the kitchen. Oh, thank goodness, the French Press was intact (although it was in the sink).

I knew my daughter would be awake within moments, so I made her a bottle, made coffee (thankfully), and got my DVD workout ready. I wanted to do as close to an hour of cardio as I could, so I picked Turbofire 55 EZ.

I was able to start the workout at about 4:45. My daughter lasted about 41 minutes.

I wanted to get a really good workout, but I didn't want to do high impact (I save my impact for running days), so I tried the workout with some weights. Beachbody makes some weighted gloves specifically designed for Turbo workouts, but I don't have any of them... so I used some "wrist weights" that (I think) weigh about 1 pound each. Dang! That made me work harder, for sure, so I think I'll be picking up some of the weights that are actually designed for this...

It feels good to get the workout done early in the morning, but it looks like today is going to be absolutely beautiful, and I really wish I could run today. Hopefully, it will still be beautiful tomorrow.

What are some morning routines that you have? Would you completely lose it without the ability to make coffee in the morning, or am I just ultra high-maintenance?

Finally... Happy Valentine's Day!


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