Thursday, February 10, 2011

Running Blogs Intimidate (and Fascinate) Me...

So, as I prepare for the Country Music Half, and I "officially" start the 12 week training program, I've discovered running blogs. I am kind of addicted. I love reading people's blogs about running. However, they kind of make me feel like a big wuss.
Blood on my Nikes after being bitten by a dog..

Some of these people run 10 miles a day... almost every day (not exaggerating!) My current goal is 10 miles a WEEK!

Some of them read like this: "I did my long run on Saturday of 20 miles, then did an easy 6 miles on Sunday to recover." Um.... I am SO not that hardcore. I think of "recovery" as "lay in bed all day and MAYBE get out to work with the foam roller..."

Logistically, I am finding that I can really only run 3 days a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Technically, I COULD run Friday, but then I would be going into my "Long" run as the 3rd day in a row. I have a really hard time running 2 days in a row, much less 3.

What was working well for me for a while was Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday... but Mondays quit working and there's literally not a time for me to do it, unless I choose to run outside in the dark at 4 am. Some of the authors of the blogs I read might consider that, but not me.

I guess my point is that I'm trying to keep it in perspective. When I was about 4 weeks post-pregnancy, I was thrilled if I could run for 5 minutes straight. I get really excited about a 30 minute run. I get excited about a 10 minute mile. I can barely stay on a treadmill for 5 minutes before I get so bored I have to get off and do something else.

Right now, my "LONG" run is in quotation marks. When someone else goes on an easy recovery run for 6 miles, my 5 miles hardly seems that impressive. But, it is to me. I had a baby 5 months ago, dang it! I'm almost 37 years old! I am getting better!

So, I'm going to keep reading everyone's running blogs, because they inspire me. I'm not going to go around on their blogs bragging about how I ran 2.5 miles or anything... but if I'm persistent, I bet I'll see my posts start to look a little more like theirs... (And when I post that my recovery run was 6 miles, you can remind me of today...)

So, this is NOT a running blog.... but maybe one day, it will be.

Oh, and a question for the group: How long do you think my "long" run needs to be before I can remove the quotation marks? ;-)


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alison s said...

I agree, it's hard ot find "moderate" runners, and to read about how people got eleventy billion miles in then ate a totally balanced delicious meal! But, you should be proud of every mile you do! Everyone started somewhere, right?