Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Songs to Run To 2/08/2011

"People. What a bunch of bastards."
- Roy, The IT Crowd

Well, I don't really feel this way... but I sure got angry at some people on the track today.

I went to the indoor track to run today. I had my playlist all set- I picked my current 4 favorites and put them on repeat/shuffle. I knew I would hear them each at least once.

Florence + The Machine: "Dog Days Are Over"
Michael Jackson: "Black or White"
Switchfoot: "This is your life"
Pink: "Raise Your Glass"

I was doing great. A nice pace. My knee wasn't hurting! I was on track for a 9:30 mile, and was planning 3 miles.

Then, this group of girls in matching t-shirts came in. There were about 5-6 people in street clothes with them. There were at least 25 of these girls. From the moment they walked in, they were completely oblivious to the people on the track.

The track has 3 lanes. The sign says for walkers to use the inner two lanes, and for runners to use the outer lanes. There is always someone who has trouble with this, and when it's crowded, it's worse.

Well, these girls were doing some sort of organized practice, or something. I'd never seen them there before (if I'd known there was a scheduled practice, I would have made other plans). They would sprint, and swarm around us like bees. I was running on the inside lane, and they would run right up behind me, then at the last second, pass me (like I was in their way), then cut me off. After they sprinted, they would just stand there, blocking the track. I actually had to yell "excuse me" a few times so they would move.

After almost getting knocked over, I finally decided to give up, and went to the treadmill. I hate the treadmill. I hate it so much. But, I have been meaning to do some hills, and the only way to do that (indoors, at least) is to use the treadmill. So, that's what I did.

Since I was terrified I would forget my times, I took pictures (I don't have a fancy Garmin or anything, so this is how I roll):
This is my time after 10 laps, which is about 1.53 miles (6.5 miles is one lap on this track).

When I got to the treadmill, I walked for about a minute before running, just to get used to it. I haven't been on the treadmill in a while. Also, I hate it. I did some one minute climbs (I think I'm getting my spinning vocabulary confused with my running...) and then ran faster for 1 minute.  Here's how that went:

So, you know, as angry as I got at those "athletes" (grrrr), they did me a favor. They forced me to do something I needed to do, and I'm glad I did it. I think it was good for me, and I can hopefully get better with the hills AND the treadmill.

(Oh, and I weigh 151 today. This is a good thing.)

Questions for the group:
- Do you have any favorite workout songs? I need to add a few new ones. I'll play these four to death and get to the point where I never want to hear them again (I did this last year with the Glee soundtrack).

- Should I have stood up to the track team girls, or did I do the right thing? I don't want to be one of those annoying people, but I just have trouble with rudeness... What would you have done?

- What's for dinner? (Random... I'm running out of ideas..)

Have a great rest of Tuesday!


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