Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You're Only One Run Away From A Good Run... or a Bad Run...

I was forced to try a different route today due to some construction on campus. I really wanted to run outside because it is absolutely GORGEOUS, but I wasn't sure how it would go in a new area.

I did my best to map it out beforehand on dailymile.com, but the thing about that is- they don't show you where there are no sidewalks...

So, I did a lot of awkward running in peoples' yards.

At about 2 miles, I was frustrated. I had had to stop a couple of times due to traffic, and just wasn't into it. I started walking, stopped my watch, and figured I would walk back to my office. But then I noticed it was still early and I couldn't possibly stop yet!

I walked to the gym and went to the track.

I turned on my music and ran as fast as I comfortably could for 2 miles. I finished in 19:22, which was great for me.

Looking back on what I did on dailymile.com, my outside run was pretty good, too: 2.22 miles in 22:31. I was going faster than I thought!

So, it was almost a sucky run. I almost went back to my office and cried. But I ended up feeling awesome.

I am thinking I may be addicted. I was grumpy all day until my run. I should really start running earlier if I want to have any friends left....

Before run:


Have a great day!


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Kristen said...

New friend via GFC and workout bloghop! What motivates you to run? I have never been a runner!