Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Question for My Running Friends..

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Dear friends,
I've been reading and doing research about "barefoot running". I have become obsessed with the idea. I know several people personally who run in Vibrams, and swear they love them. I've seen people in them in races. I'm intrigued.

I'm at the point where I need new running shoes, I have a birthday this month, and the local running store has said they will start carrying Vibrams March 1st. These can't all be a coincidence :-)

So, here are my questions for those of you who have (and use) Vibrams:

1. What was your reason for getting them?
2. Do you run exclusively in the Vibrams, or alternate with traditional shoes?
3. How did you transition from traditional shoes to Vibrams, and how long did it take?

I hope you guys can give me some advice. I have a little fear of the unknown, but I think I'm just going to have to take the plunge and GO FOR IT!

Happy running (and everything else)!


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RunningOnCoffee said...

I'm a sneaker gal, but I have thought about the more 'minimal' shoes before. Not sure if I'm "biomechanically efficient" enough to do that - I guess I have a little pronation.

I have a friend who has tried running in Vibrams, but not exclusively. I actually have not asked (recently) how that's going for him.

Check out Ashley and Stephen at (never)homemaker - neverhomemaker.com. Stephen appears to have completely shifted to Vibrams, runs races in them, and runs fast! Just search for Vibrams on their blog.