Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weird Wednesday..

Happy Awesomeday!


Rather than a coherent, well-written blog post, I've decided to just list some random stuff in the order it appears in my brain.... because that's how I roll (today, at least).

However, I will number the stuff, just to give the illusion that it is somewhat organized.

1. Matt Damon is kind of cool. As the mom of a boy, I think it's great that he's there to support his mom. It's a good man that loves his mother.

2. I spent two days at home with my kids. They drove me nuts. But I miss them desperately at work today.
Who, us? We're harmless. What are you talking about...
3. So, this new weight training program I'm doing at home is kind of cool. I'm feeling all kinds of DOMS (which is how I measure the success of a workout, of course). The only thing is- eventually I either have to move to the gym or get more weights/a squat rack. The highest weight I can lift over my head is 55 pounds, and I know I'll want to squat more than that (for now, as I'm learning to "full squat", that's just plenty).

4. I was reminded of the awesomeness of this song earlier today, and posted it on Sarah Fitness.

It's amazing how a song can totally take me back: cassette tapes, my Girbaud jeans... do you have a song like that? (p.s. I don't feel old at all. Nope.)

5. I'm doing a fun Facebook Hop today, but for some reason, it won't let me put the HTML here. I'm a little tech-illiterate, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing this one right. Anyway, here's the link: Wacky Wednesday.

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