Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Plan... this week...

I love planning.

I completed last week's planned workouts *pretty* well. I did take a *complete* day off on Friday, instead of making it a yoga day. Honestly, instead of doing my 30 minutes of yoga I had planned, I snuggled with my son on the couch watching The Wiggles. I think it was worth it.
I am a fan of the "Greg-era" Wiggles. No offense, Sam.

The weight workouts were intense.

I didn't eat as great as I could have.

I didn't run as much as I planned, but I did get 3 runs in, including the "long" run (which made me hate running).

Here's what's coming up this week:


Full Body Program, Day 1:
Full Squats
Flat Bench Press
Romanian Deadlifts
Barbell Rows
Pull Ups (assisted)

All done 4 X 6 with 120 seconds rest



3 mile run

Full Body Routine, Day 2

Pull throughs
Flat Dumbbell Press
Seated Cable Rows
Incline Hammer Curls
Lying Triceps Extensions

All done for 2 X 15 with 30 seconds rest.


Run 3 miles


Full Body Routine, Day 3:
Incline Dumbbell Press
Incline Dumbbell Rows
Dumbbell Splits Squats
SHELC (Supine Hip Extensions with Leg Curl)
Lat Pulldowns (underhand)

All done for 4 X 8 with 60 seconds rest.




Run 10K

What are your workout plans this week? 


1 comment:

XLMIC said...

There is a NEW Wiggle? What rock have I been hiding under (hoping the Wiggles never find me)? That's almost criminal. That's almost like Joe 'replacing' Steve.
Love that 'A' game image…i definitely live life in 'A' game mode but have definitely found value in having a Plan B :)
My workouts this week will be based on survival as my husband is out of town for 11 days and I am on my own w/ 4 insanely unruly and uncooperative kids. I might get a couple of runs in after they are in bed but will focus on some P90X stuff to pick up my running slack. T, W and Th I have childcare and will definitely head outside for some longer stuff…running and/or biking. Looks like you have an AWESOME plan :)