Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Disappointing...

Remember when Hugh Laurie was British? (source)
I've had a series of disappointments lately. One after the other. Now, to be fair, none of these disappointments are life threatening, and I am fully aware things can always be worse.

But, these disappointments had a very negative effect on me. A normal person, someone a little less positive than me, might have just given up.

I have to admit, the idea of getting in bed and hiding under the covers did cross my mind.

Yesterday, I went to the gym for my lunchtime run. I decided to try to run at least a little on the treadmill. I ran 1 mile in 10:30 (I'm so slow on the treadmill). I was proud of myself for doing a whole mile. Without music.

Then I moved over to the track. Despite some really, really RUDE people (who apparently don't know what "Runners Only Outside Lane" means), I ran 2 miles in 19:24.

However, from about .25 mile, I considered quitting.

I was in the "Oh well, this isn't working, I quit" kind of mood.

But I had a moment. After all, it was nice and quiet without any music, so I had lots of time to think.

I realized I *can't* quit. I have to keep going. If it was easy to run, it wouldn't be worth anything. But it's the challenge- the disappointment- that makes the victories worth it.
Yo, Adrian! (source)
And so, I persevere. Besides, I think there's a law somewhere, that when you have so many disappointments in a row, you're automatically guaranteed something super awesome is coming soon... (I made that up. Shut up).


Anonymous said...

AMEN!!!!!! Woohoooooooo!!!! That was awesome!

BabyWilt said...

You can quit but you don't because you are strong in mind and body xxx

jillconyers said...

Nice job! You didn't give up and the victory was yours! Great post :)