Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am still a runner..

We're just "on a break".

We were on a break too. (Source)
I decided not to do my 6 miles today, and just declare this whole week a running break. Instead I did Turbofire. I'm totally happy with that.

You know what this means, right? I don't get to eat that Snickers.
I'll be waiting for you in your gym bag..
We'll see what next week brings. I know I'll be spending time with these guys:

So, fellow runners: Do you have any races this weekend? Long runs? Or are you and running "on a break" as well?

Have a great one!


BabyWilt said...

AGH *rolls eyeballs* .... I've been on a running break for the past few WEEKS!!! Just realised I have a 10miler in 11 weeks time so have rustled up a 12 week schedule (From the Bupa web site) and gonna do a lot of soul searching, its been a LOOOOONG time since I last ran more than 4kms let along TEN.MILES!!!!!

Cook.Clean.RUN.Dream said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I totally bribe myself with food too. Last night for instance I ran 4 miles just so that I could eat take out from my favorite Mexican restaurant. Then I felt absolutely ill! lol .. oh well .. lesson learned.

jillconyers said...

I just blogged about my long run this weekend. It was great!

sharon said...

It's been too hot in Tx to run this summer! I've been doing P90X.
When the weather cools I'll start running in the evening. I found you on Jills Blog Hop. You can find me at:
I love your blog.

sharon said...

It's too hot in Tx to run right now. I've been doing P90X. I found you on Jill's Blog hop and love your blog. You're an inspiration. You can find me at:

Lisa {Smart Food and Fit} said...

Hi Sarah, stopping by to say hello and keep up the good work with balancing your busy schedule and fitting fitness in.

As moms we need that extra encouragement. I don't have any runs planned, just starting to get back into it after some knee issues I had earlier in the year.Mainly barre classes, weight training, and eliptical for now.

Found your site from Lori at Get Fit Naturally!

Unknown said...

I love your Snickers motivation.

Great job doing Turbofire.

I left a comment over at Get Fit Naturally about your giveaway. Looks like a good video. I'm posting a link on my blog, too.