Monday, August 8, 2011

Motivational Monday!

I've had a little trouble getting inspired lately. Sure, I can workout until the cows come home...
Leave me out of this. (Source)
But sticking to my nutrition plan is another story.

So, I've decided to post some folks whose physiques inspire me.


(I don't remember where I found this. Sorry).
Find out more about Jenny here. She rocks so much!
And just so you guys aren't left out...

You're welcome.

By the way, I took another round of "Before" Pics today. No, I will not post them until I have some pretty impressive afters. Yes, I look pretty good for someone who had a baby 11 months ago (my husband even said so. Bless him). But, I would like to see more progress before I go public...

And here are some quotes for today:

"You don't realize how strong a person really is until you see them at their weakest moment."~Unknown

"Your goals minus your doubts equals your reality." ~ Ralph Marston

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."~David Viscott

So... have a great and wonderful Monday!

(P.S. We are almost at 400 at Sarah Fitness. If you haven't stopped by and clicked "Like" yet, come on over!)


Jen said...

Great motivation photos!

Tony Van Helsing said...

Shit, I'm off to the gym.

Mare said...

thanks for the motivation!!!!