Thursday, August 11, 2011

I have a strange aversion to long-distance running...

And by long-distance running, I mean "anything over 3 miles".

I have been bitten by the weight lifting bug.

After doing some research, I realized that running was not going to get me the body type I wanted.

Then, on Saturday, I had a sucky "I need David Boreanaz to hold me" kind of run.

Those two things combined made me never want to run again.

I'm totally loving lifting. I'm reading forums about it, learning the right nutrition, planning my meals and snacks... and have no desire to run.

Today I went to the gym to do my "heavyish" lifting routine. (Day 3 of the Total Body Routine I've been doing the past 2 week). Today I killed it. I totally did. I even brought my Iron Woody Band so I could rig up a way to do assisted pull ups.

And I looked super cool doing them..

After lifting, I went upstairs and ran 2 miles on the track. Oh, track. I love you. You're flat and indoors. I ran for 9:30, which was how long it took me to run 1 mile, then walked for a minute, then ran the rest. I ended up finishing 2 miles in 19:02. Here's proof:

I really have no desire to run longer than 30 (maybe 40) minutes. I realize I can't run a half marathon in 40 minutes, so this may be a problem...

I'm still going to run on Saturday (at least 6 miles), mainly because I want to be able to eat that Snickers before hand.

I've already bought the Snickers, so I *have* to run.
After my 2 miles, I went to shower so I could go back to work and not frighten people. I thought the locker room was a good place to take some pictures...
Did you know it's practically impossible to take a picture of your face AND your bicep at the same time? 

.... unless you do it this way...
My bicep. 
 This is kind of my starting place. Yes, I'm proud of that muscle, but I'm working on getting more muscular.

After I showered and went back to my office, I got to eat this:

All in all, a good workout. I enjoyed running 2 miles. And I felt like I had run enough.



Cori @ Read.Write.Run.Mom said...

LOVING the snickers! If it was me, though, buying it 2 days in advance would be uber dangerous...that sucker wouldn't last until the run!!!

Cori @ Read.Write.Run.Mom.

[fiz-eek] geek said...

Yay for muscles! I lovelovelove lifting it's like POW!

My only thought? Change your pwo! You need carbs not from lactaid/milk or fruit and you need protein! A quick easy pwo meal is 1 full scoop (weighed) vanilla ice cream protein powder and 1 scoop (weighed) p90x recovery formula blended. Its like an orange julius but BETTER :)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Does you camera have a self timer? I love mine! Nice bicep btw!

BabyWilt said...

Well done, thats awesome work. I enjoy lifting and am following New Rules of Lifting for Women. Twice a week but have had a bit of time off so need to kick start it again .... watch this space ;-)

getfitchick said...

I looovvveee weights! But i'm going to give running a try, starting monday - wish me luck!