Monday, January 16, 2012

Planning my week...

I always find that planning is the key to success. I may have even said this before.

I wanted to get my workout week on paper (or, more accurately, on Blogger). I'm basing it on the following goals:
1. I want to lift 6 days this week, working legs twice.
2. I want to run 3 times this week (we broke up temporarily.)
3. I want to get a chance to practice Turbo.

So here you go:

AM: Pump, Back
PM: Run 2 miles

AM: Turbo
PM: Legs

AM: Pump, Chest
PM: Run 2 miles

AM: Turbo
PM: Legs

AM: Pump, Shoulders
PM: Run 2 miles

AM: Turbo
PM: Biceps/Triceps

This post is mainly for my own use, but just in case it's too dull for you, here's a picture:


fancy nancy said...

LOVE him! Looks like a killer week! Go rock it!

Tony Van Helsing said...

I saw Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine, brilliant film.

Jen said...

Planning always makes it easier to follow through! Great job!