Friday, January 27, 2012

High Five Blog Hopping Friday (of awesomeness)!

High Five!
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So. This week.

I had a plan. It didn't go exactly as I had hoped it would. But that's okay.

I spent most of the week dealing with The Sickness. Sniffles that turned into a full on "What is all this stuff in my head and chest?" I even took a complete day off on Tuesday and rested. The rest of the week, I didn't do much cardio. I had wanted to spend the mornings doing Turbo and Hustle, but cardio just wasn't much fun. I didn't even run. At all.

But I *did* do my strength workouts. Chest and back on Monday. Shoulders on Wednesday. Legs on Thursday. Friday will be biceps and triceps. Then on Saturday, I hope to run. Possibly.

Today marks exactly one month until my 38th birthday. I get a little weird around birthday time. Like, "How on earth has it been 20 years since I turned 18?" I mean, I didn't *feel* like we were living in the dark ages... but we didn't even have internet, cell phones (well, the only people with cell phones were the kids on "90210"), DVR (I used to record all my soaps for the week on a VHS with a timer, and watch them on the weekends. Dark ages).

Wow. Now I feel even older.

Seriously, though, I do remind myself around this time that, overall, I'm happier, healthier, and in better shape than I was at 18 (except I had fewer forehead wrinkles then...)

Who has fun plans for the weekend? We're once again planning our crazy, wild, Friday night with a Redbox movie night. I know, we're crazy....

Have a great weekend!


Kathy said...

Those darn wrinkles ruin my illusions of not getting older every time! But we're SOOO much wiser, right?

Enjoy movie night, that sounds pretty much like my Friday night as well - we're wild.

Laura said...

If it makes you feel any better, you probably watched 90210 as a teen. I was a young mother watching it! I remember giving birth and having to watch the season finale in the hospital. I never did like Brenda's attitude.

Marie Loerzel said...

Not to fear, the 40's are awesome!

insomnia said...

This head and chet stuff is an uphill battle. A war I have been fighting for 10 days.
I have 6 months to go til I hit 38 I am in the same shape. (round)