Thursday, January 19, 2012

Practicing what I preach...

Yesterday, I decided the theme of the day over at Sarah Fitness was "No Excuses!" Every quote I posted had to do with not having excuses. I wrote a blog post about it.

However, the universe decided to test me on my commitment to the "No Excuses!" plan.

First, the job got demanding!
(Yes, that's a 2 liter bottle of Publix sparkly water.)
When I finally got the time to go change for the gym, I opened my gym bag, and the clothes were wet:

Well, rather than make an excuse, I put on a wet sports bra, the shirt I was wearing at work, and pants that (luckily) weren't too wet.

(And then I took my picture in the bathroom)
I ran for 5 minutes, then worked the heck out of my shoulders (I switched dates, I think it was supposed to be chest but I was in a shoulder mood).

Just want to show that, if you're committed to something, there is NOTHING that can stop you!

Now, go have a successful day!

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