Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Have you ever had this day?

Looks a little like me after the trip. (source)

Today is my first day back at work after almost 2 weeks off. Well, "off" as in "traveling, parenting, visiting". I feel a little tired still. In fact...

I had the highest of hopes for this morning. I had done pretty much everything I could do last night: cooked my food for the next few days, gave the kids a bath, fought with children who wanted to put things in the toilet, fished half of a door-childproofing-thing out of the toilet.... so I just set my alarm a little early so I could workout AND get my meals together for the day. 4:15 am.

This morning at 6:45 my husband woke me from a deep sleep: "Don't you need to get up?"

This was me (source)
I kind of wandered around the kitchen for a minute, in a panic, wondering what to do first. Eventually I got it together and got my meals prepped (including breakfast. It was going to have to go with me). I showered and got ready, and managed to leave the house about 10 minutes before I was supposed to be at work.

Just as I was leaving, my son decided to throw a huge, jumping up and down, screaming, spitting tantrum. So that made leaving a little more fun (although I did feel a bit bad for my husband, who would be staying there all day).

Here's my point: My meals are prepped and I'm eating right, so missing the morning workout is not as tragic as it could have been. I'm not counting on it to "burn calories". So, it's no big deal. Later, I'll go to the gym for my heavy workout, as planned.

I'm also planning on consuming more coffee. Yes, even though I'm rested, I still need it.

Hope you have a peaceful, centered day, with few tantrums (although, if you're going to throw one, make it a good one).

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Keisa Williams said...

Aww! I've had days like that. Keep your head up girlie!