Friday, March 18, 2011

In which I almost break up with running...

I wanted to do my long run on Saturday. Everything told me I should do my long run Saturday. I was still so close to my yucky run on Thursday. I was sick Wednesday. I really should have done it Saturday.

But, my husband said he would be busy and wouldn't be able to watch the kids on Saturday. I knew my only chance was to take a little longer lunch on Friday and do it then.

I decided to run 10K, since I had gone up to 10 miles a week ago, and was scheduled to go down a bit.
This girl was so optimistic..

I started the run outside. I knew it would be hot, but I wasn't sure if my new Nike+ would work inside, and I really wanted to use it. (Guess what. It doesn't).

I got hot. I started to count steps, seconds until I could take a break (I had planned run 5/walk 1). My ankles were hurting. My hips were hurting. My legs were heavy. At about 1 mile, I decided to run to the gym and do the rest inside. At 2.25, with the GPS saying I had only done 1.34, I decided to cut off the GPS and do it manually.

I stretched a bit, drank some water, and decided that I would just run 30 minutes. Easy 30 minutes. I can totally do 30 minutes, right?

I couldn't even do one lap.

(Oh, and then I weighed for the first time in 2 weeks, and I weigh EXACTLY THE SAME. That was probably not a good move for the morale).

I walked back to my office almost in tears. "It's just too hard", I thought. "I can't take care of 2 kids, a house, a career, and be a runner. I'm exhausted." I really tried to have a pity party...

But, instead of having an all out pity party (I did have a short one), I decided to just be realistic:

1. I was sick this week.
2. I really shouldn't have run Friday.
3. It was a bad week in a lot of ways. Monday started bad, and it was bad until Friday afternoon. You're not going to have the best runs of your life.
4. Running 10 miles last Friday may have been too much too soon.

So, looking back, realistically, it's no wonder I didn't have a great run AT ALL this week.

I've found that lately, even during my "short" runs, I'm really struggling not to take a walk break. I feel like I should go back to shorter distances. My "long" runs, with the walk breaks, may be messing me up. But, I don't have time to start over- I have a race in 6 weeks. I have to be able to do 13.1 miles in 6 weeks, and I want to do it in less than 2:30.

Here's where I start thinking of the plan:

Next week, I will cross train. I will do 2 short runs of 2 miles each, probably on Tuesday and Thursday, working on going without stopping. On Saturday, I'll do 6 miles with a Walk 4/Run 1. That's all. That will put me 5 weeks out from the race.

I'll gradually increase the short runs and do no more than 3 miles, 3 times a week until the race. On Saturdays I'll work up to 10 miles again with walk breaks. (4:1 or maybe 5:1).

After the race is over, I'll work up to running 30- 45 minutes at a time 4 days a week. Then I'll start training for the Nashville Women's Half.

I am going to keep the faith, because I know the feeling of a great run, and I'm determined to have that again. But running, I think you and me need a break. You're not being good to me right now..

The lonely runner.. photo from Microsoft Office Online


Amy said...

Keep it up! You can do it, just listen to your body. I tried doing pushups today for the first time in a loooong time. Yeah, that didn't happen, but it is time to get back into shape. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement!
And thanks for visiting and following this morning. I'm following back from www.ohsosavvymom.com.

Ross said...

Great site!I was diagnosed with a disease called CRPS 6yrs ago and lost the movement in my left arm and leg.I'm out to prove that I'll move those limbs again and even start excersising again.So I'll make you a deal. We both need motivating right! So I'll follow you and motivate you before towards yours goals if you do the same for me. We both have so much to gain by helping each other! So if your up for the challenge contact me at ross@painfullyoptomistic.com .

TexaGermaFinlaNadian said...

I am a big runner too, but as you said, I think it is best if you listen to your body. I feel, that if I am feeling extra tired or out of breath, and I take a few days off of running, and I come back better than ever!
Stopped over from FTLOB. Have a good weekend!
http://texagermanadian.blogspot.com/ ;)

Anonymous said...

Boy you know I know how you feel!! AFter my short kind of lay off and 18miler I now have an calf strain. Go slow, rest, eat, hydrate. Be patient with yourself. :)

Unknown said...

You can do it ! it is ok to have a bad week. I had a bad month.LOL
I am going to the pool 2 times a week with the 3 year old and my goal is to run the other days. I have a treadmill.
i understand though...It is hard and we have so much to do already !
But you can do it. You are smart in what you are doing.