Monday, March 14, 2011

You have to have a few sucky days...

... to make the good days GREAT...

I woke up Monday morning in a funk.

The time change seems to have really knocked me out.

The news from Japan is just devastating.

Things are still bad in Libya.

It was really hard to get excited today. It took a LOT of effort just to get the kids to daycare and get to work.

So, how do I snap out of this funk?

I have a couple of tricks that normally work:

1. Pictures of my kids

2. Funny songs/ videos

3. Coffee.

4. Remember "why".
I go back to "why". Why do I do all this? (Work, running, go without a shower for hours so I can run in the middle of the day)
- My kids
- My husband
- To be healthy
- My specific goals: The half, the weight loss, my business..

5. When all else fails:

Just kidding. I had this instead:

6. A great run...
Ha. Funny story. Today's run SUCKED. I ran 2.23 miles, then had to stop and walk because I felt like my ankles were breaking. I walked back to my office, with a little crying, in the RAIN (it was pretty pathetic). I needed a good run today... but I didn't get one...

You know, being in a funk is not going to help any of these world events. Yes, things suck, but my funk won't fix it. And, just because the day has sucked doesn't mean I should just give up. I still have my kids to pick up, and things to look forward to tonight: My daughter's smile, a shower, BED!...

Tomorrow is another day... you're only one run away from a good run... and I will have that run... eventually...

P.S. Don't forget about the March contest! Read more here!


Muddled Up Mumma said...

I had one of those days on Saturday. I knew from the start it was a write off, so I just took it easy and tried not beat myself up too much. I love that you know tomorrow can always be better!

alison s said...

Do you "speak" ASL? That is super neat and such a valuable skill! Props to you!