Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy Running Lady!

Blame it on the Rain!

Songs to Run To:
- Sugarland, The Incredible Machine
- The Fray, Over My Head
- Pink, ****in' Perfect
- Adele, Set Fire to the Rain
- U2, Vertigo
- Switchfoot, This is Your Life

I went out running in the rain Tuesday afternoon. My co-workers kept looking at me like I was crazy as I was getting ready. "You know it's raining, right?" "Yes, I know. I have a hat."

I actually really enjoyed it. I set my Nike+ to do a 5K, and went out. A few people I know saw me, and so I ran a little faster...

I love my Nike+, but I can't help wondering if the pace and distance aren't always accurate. I'll be running along, thinking I'm going at a good pace, and it will tell me my pace is 12:34 (I think I could walk that...) Other times, I'll be going steady, and it will announce that my pace is 8:30. Okay, whatever.

I can work around this, though.

Now, if there was heavy flooding, I don't think I would be out in the rain... but a nice drizzle (I put my Iphone in a plastic bag for safety...)

I don't know if this makes me hardcore, but I think it shows that I love running so much, I'll do it even when it's a challenge....

And, the last time I'll say this, I promise...

If I was a little slow, I'll just *Blame it on the Rain*... (groan)


Stefanie D. said...

Way to get out there! I have a hard time summing up the motivation to run outside when the weather is bad!

Him, Me, Wee 3 said...

Great play list! Thanks for stopping by today :)