Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I don't know how you "warm weather runners" do it...

If it's any above 60 degrees (F) I feel like I'm going to have a heat stroke.

I went out for my lunchtime run today and it seemed hotter. I didn't even check to see what the temperature is. Wait... let me check...

Well no wonder! It's 80!!!!!

So, I ran the best I could. It was tough. It was a new route. There was a hill, I swear. But, I did a little over 2 miles (I told myself as long as I do at least 2 miles, I'm successful).

And, as I stumbled in, beet red, looking kind of like this:

...one of my co-workers said, "Oh, don't you look comfy...."




Anonymous said...

I agree it is much easier to run when it's cooler outside. Everything just feels better. Here's to running early in the mornings from here on out.Thank goodness that's when they do most 5Ks. Although, I've signed up to do Warrior Dash in NC Aug 27th and my heat isn't until 11:30am. That will certainly be a good test on whether you're a warrior or not.

alison s said...

I'm with you - after running in the Canadian winter, anything about 10 degrees makes me feel so sluggish!