Friday, December 9, 2011

High Five I Love Coffee Friday!

One of my favorite things about winter is the Starbucks Holiday cup. So I gave in and got a holiday beverage this morning:

My hands were too busy to high five. Sorry.
My daughter is either teething, or sick (or both, poor thing), which is making her very demanding, especially during the times most people sleep. Hence the coffee.

My P90X2 arrived this week. I haven't had a chance to try much of it yet, but I did do "X2 Recovery and Mobility" this morning. It has a 20 minute long foam roller sequence. I went to heaven.

However, after 3 sun salutations at the beginning of the workout, Tony says, "Just skip coffee and do three of those in the morning." Tony, not funny. Not funny at all.

He's also his typical self, and I'm glad to have a whole new set of Tony-isms to memorize and repeat. "If you don't have a bar, get a broom stick. If you don't have a broom stick in your house, that's weird." (I'm paraphrasing.)

Speaking of P90X-ish things:

I love it.

I really don't have a coherent train of thought to share with you today, so I'll just sum up some things:

1. Starting a BB challenge group January 2. This will be a small group (limited) of highly focused folks who really want to see a difference. This will be 30 days. Want to know more? Email me at uberlibrarian (at ) gmail (dot) com, and we'll see if you qualify.

2. I've become completely obsessed with the Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" meme, to the point that friends and I (you know who you are) have been doing some variations (some with David Boreanaz). Observe some of the original:

Here's some from the librarian version:

And here are some of the ones we've come up with:

Oh Jenn.
And some DB...

From my girl Missy

Hey girl.
Have a great weekend....


brooke said...

Oh, that last one is fabulous! Hope the girl lets you get some sleep this weekend.

fancy nancy said...

Gotta show Starbucks some love each season! Good luck with the teething!

BabyWilt said...

You have a fantastic weekend too xx

jillconyers said...

No way! You have P90X2?!? Still waiting for mine :)

Love the arrival of the red cup every holiday season. My beverage of choice this year is tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte, 2 pumps, extra hot. I'm sure I'll have one today :)

I'm not giving up coffee. Not even for Tony :)

Hope your daughter feels better soon and you can get some sleep.

Unknown said...

I love Starbucks holiday cups!!! Love coffee. Wouldn't give it up for anything.