Sunday, December 11, 2011

Things that happened this week...

This week was one of my busiest weeks of the year. In addition to my awesome librarian-ing, and my Beachbody Coaching, I've also been known to be a piano accompanist. I get a chance every semester to use those accompanying skills (and therefore two of my three degrees) when I accompany music students in their "juries". Juries are end of semester performance exams. They sound scary, and I guess they were scary to me back in the early 90s, but now they're just a fun chance for me to remember I'm a musician and make some money.

This is what I look like sitting at a piano.

But, doing this required working a lot of time outside my regular job. Monday I was at school for 13 hours. I missed a few lunchtime workouts because I worked through them to catch up on work.

So I had to accept this one not going to be one of my most successful fitness weeks ever.

I wanted to review, so I can go into next week in a "more likely to succeed" frame of mind.

Things that happened this week:

1. I ran 3 times. (2 miles, 2 miles, 3 miles). That was consistent and I am happy with it.
2. My 2 toenails FINALLY fell off (they've been threatening to since the last half marathon in October).
3. I lifted weights twice at the gym.
4. P90X2 arrived.
And there was great rejoicing..

5. I didn't eat so great. I gave into fancy Starbucks Holiday cup drinks a few times.
6. I watched my son sit in Santa's lap and cried a little.

7. I drank Shakeology every day (no matter how badly I ate, I at least knew I was doing something right).(Yeah, I sell it, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.
8. My skin cleared up (which I think is due to number 7).
9. I slept very little (due to a grumpy, teething little girl, and probably a little stress).

My point to all of this is that there are times when you choose your goals. My fitness/weight loss/bodysculpting goals took a back seat this week to my other goals. I got lax. But I accept the consequences, and I know that if I want to GET better, I have to DO better.

This coming week will be amazing. I know it.

Hope you have a great week planned!

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