Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On Being One of the "Cool Kids"...

If that's not a cool kid, I don't know what is...

My workouts are a little less this week as I'm super busy. Here's what I have *planned*:

Sunday: Total Body Workout #1
Monday: Run 2 miles, Ab Ripper X
Tuesday: Total Body Workout #2
Wednesday: Run 2 miles, Ab Ripper X
Thursday: Total Body Workout #3
Friday: Fun Cardio at home
Saturday: Run 3 miles, Ab Ripper X

Anyway, I haven't been at the gym to lift for a few weeks. I miss it, but it's just been really busy (as you can probably tell by how little I've been blogging lately.)

Today I had planned to run 2 miles outside, but it's raining ridiculously. Plus, the construction and potholes on this campus right now mean very deep puddles. I slipped and fell once running in ice, and water is just warmer ice, and it scares me (keep in mind I also got bit by a dog and run over by my own car. I don't think this fear is entirely irrational).

So, I ran inside on the track. I was kind of amazed by my time:
I absolutely can't believe I broke a 9:00 mile. I'm very excited. Now, I'll admit, I was really pushing it, and I don't think I could have gone any longer. If I were to run longer than 2 miles, my pace would have to go down. But for today, this was great.

I finished up my workout with Ab Ripper X, using the P90X app. I had never done it with my music playing before... turns out Tony Horton talks OVER your music. It was so cool.

After my workout I went to the locker room to shower (You're welcome, co-workers) and I heard someone say, "Where have you been?" I turned and saw a girl I've seen around the gym a lot. But what surprised me, I guess, was that she (and the other regulars at the gym) had noticed I haven't been around. Wow. She also asked me to join the Weightlifting Club. How cool is that?

So, on Monday, I felt kind of like one of the cool kids. I made a friend. I ran fast. I worked hard. I made progress. It was a great day.

How was your Monday?

(P.S. P90X2 is coming to my house on Thursday. Jealous? You can still pre-order it HERE and get free shipping.... But you have to do it SOON! Like TODAY!)


KarmaKristin said...

Hey I LOVE your blog..I also run a fitness blog Over at http://karmakristin.blogspot.com/

I am your newest follower!!

melanie said...

Hello! I just did ab ripper for the first time last week! wow it was challenging!! How do you find your results from doing it 3x a week? I have been thinking of putting it in every couple of days to kick my abs into gear as they have never been strong. what do you think? Love your blog!!

Jen said...

You really are so funny! "water is just warmer ice"! Maybe you really should just stick to the treadmill! And great job on breaking a 9 minute mile!