Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things I accomplished in 2011.. and look out 2012!

What good are all those resolutions and goals if you don't look back and see if you accomplished anything?

1. Ran 3 Half Marathons: Country Music Half Marathon, Nashville Women's Half Marathon, and the Murfreesboro Middle Half.

2. Parented and stuff.

3. Became a Beachbody Diamond Coach (A huge milestone)

4. Made some progress on the debt snowball.

5. Stalked I mean hung out with my BFF Tony Horton and Shaun T.

Still milking this. 6 months later.

6. Married Prince William. No, wait, that wasn't me.

"Um, yeah. That was me." (Because you know that's how Kate Middleton talks.)
So, what are some things I'll be doing in 2012?

1. Nutrition.
Well, I'm starting the first two months off working with Amy from Metabolic Mayhem Training. She'll be designing my nutrition plan. I HIGHLY recommend working with Amy if you need help with meal planning and accountability (although, I believe she's so awesome, she has a wait list. It's so totally worth it). She's going to help me fine tune my diet to get the best results possible (including Shakeology, of course).

2. Fitness.
I'm going to focus on getting faster at shorter distances rather than running long distance. I'll also be lifting more (remember my super cool P90X2/Les Mills Pump/Running hybrid I'll be doing). Weights really ARE the key, and I'll be writing more about that too.

3. Beachbody
I'm going to advance my Beachbody Business. It's come such a long way in 2011, that I have some very specific goals for 2012 I know I can reach. (Plus I plan on having multiple pictures of myself taken with Tony Horton again.)

4. Get certified to teach group exercise and start teaching again.  
I'm going to start with my favorite format to teach, Turbokick, and then get my primary again. I'm probably just going to start a class somewhere though and just hope someone shows up. I miss it so much, I'm willing to teach a class of ONE!

5. Pay cash for a car. 
Since I hate debt and refuse to make payments, I have been without a car of my own for several years. This is the year. I'm getting a car of my own.

What are your goals this year? Did you reach some good ones in 2011?
My best wishes to you for a safe and enjoyable New Year's celebration, and a wonderful 2012. Let's bring it this year!


Anonymous said...

Amazing year and what a great list of things to come!! I really haven't sat down and thought about what I did in 2011.. I know I'm lame! LOL

BabyWilt said...

Wicked goals you have. I have a great feeling about 2012, it's gonna ROCK!

April Westerhold said...

Yes, I am still stuck on the Shaun T picture. He is amazing.