Thursday, December 29, 2011

Setting your New Year's Resolutions!

This is the time of year when we're all getting ready to start over. We're setting goals for 2012, and we're excited. We're motivated.

But have you ever gotten to December and wondered, "What were those resolutions I set in January again?"

I have a suggestion as we start the New Year. I know it is tempting to say, "I'm going to do X this year. I'm going to reach X goal this year."

Why don't we try 1 month? 30 days?

And, why don't we focus on action steps?

For example:

"I want to lose 10 pounds."

This is a great goal, but it's not 100% in your control. You know what is in your control though? The action steps:

- I am going to stay within my calorie range every day for 30 days.
- I am going to workout 6 days a week this month.

These are my goals.

So, I'm developing a hybrid workout schedule for the month (I'll post it later) that includes P90X2, Pump, and Running.



I really don't smile like this every time I run..

I'm planning each week's meals in advance.

I'm focusing on what I can control, and the result will happen.

Can I challenge you to do the same?

(Come over to Sarah Fitness and post your action steps for January for extra accountability. And don't forget about the Challenge Groups forming now)

Let's kick off the year with a strong 30 days. Who's with me?

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