Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I like you.

I really do. Do you like me?

Have you liked Sarah Fitness yet?

So far, 629 people do.

When that number gets up to 700, I'll do a random drawing for a prize. What's the prize?

This right here:

That's right! One lucky "Liker" will get a Rockin' Body set, so you can dance with my good buddy Shaun T. Remember when I met Shaun T.?
Yep. I'm going to keep bringing this up FOREVER.
So, tell your friends. As soon as we hit 700, I'll choose randomly from all 700 folks :-)

Just in case you need it again, go HERE. Click "Like".


fancy nancy said...

I will head over after work! Silly firewall!! Do his abs come with it?

BabyWilt said...

WOW how those abs!!!!!!!


fancy nancy said...

I like you too now....Living the Dream!