Sunday, December 18, 2011

Initial thoughts on P90X2: Continued...

As my first week of P90X2 comes to a close, I want to share my thoughts.

Specific Workouts:

- Core is weird. It's hard, and then at the end I don't feel like I did a lot. I will continue to run on the days I do this, or else I'll feel like I took it easy.

- Plyocide sounded real scary, but in reality, wasn't at all. The warm up was long, then the workout was short, then a lot of really long stretching. Now, I love stretching, but not as part of a workout whose title ends with "cide". Since I feel like I'm not getting enough leg work (and I miss the heavy leg work), I think I will sub that for this workout.

- Recovery and Mobility: I love this. I could see myself doing it all the time. I am having a love affair with my foam roller.

- Total Body. Holy moly. There were moves in this I just couldn't even do. "Crunchy lever pullup"- You do a pullup, bring your knees into your chest, and then rock back and forth. It looks really cool and fun, but I had to just work on my (assisted) pullups. Also "Mule Kick Burpee". I'm just going to leave it at that. Good lord. And a bunch of crazy things in Warrior 3. Really? Now, I'm not saying I didn't like this workout. I think it will be great

- Yoga: I love how it's NOT 90 minutes long. It's just about 66 minutes, but honestly, I have to admit: I always skip the ab section. And frog. So that cuts it down a little. I get to practice crow/crane (I learned it as crow or bakasana- he calls it crane. Whatever. That's what it is.)

- Balance and Power: OMG. This was particularly hard. I could barely do most of the stability ball moves. There is a modifier for people who don't have a ball... um, but even though I have one, I followed him most of the time anyway. Also, Tony's sister is in this workout. The banter is funny. He sings a little during the stretch and mentions that people will make fun of him on Youtube. Like here.


- This first phase is weird to me after the heavy lifting I was doing. I am dying to go to the gym and throw around some HEAVY weights. That almost seems easier than some of this intricate core work. But I know I need it. I *really* need it. The core is the most important, and with a strong core, I know I'll do better at everything else. So I'm going to hang in there (but I still will probably do some barbell FULL squats and things in place of Plyocide.)

- Dang there is a Warrior III in just about every workout.
Warrior III Row/Press, Warrior III Preacher Curl... let's just say if you don't like Warrior III, or are bad at it, it will be hard (at least at first). Personally I'm looking forward to getting better.

- I've seen negative and positive reviews. I understand some of the negatives- warmups are too long (too much foam rolling, some people say), not enough leg work (that was me that sad that one), but I think, at least for me, they can be worked around. (They are all well-chaptered, so you can easily skip, like I do with FROG.)

I would love to hear your thoughts as well if you've started already. I am curious how other people are doing with it.

Oh, and I'm running 3 times a week. Because I need it. It's not in the program. But I'm doing it anyway (don't tell Tony).

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MonicaB said...

Loved the youtube video. Thanks for the review. I still have to get through the original P90X before I think about getting this one but I love your honest outtake on it. Have a happy holiday.