Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hang in there!

I'm writing this letter to myself, as well as anyone else who can benefit:

Hang in there!

The holidays are upon us. For me, personally, it feels like life is in chaos.

We drove all day yesterday, and packed snacks, and still managed to not make the best food choices.

After being in the car all day, my body was sore... but I apparently forgot my foam roller.

My goal is to find time to run later this afternoon. Then to get back on track with P90X2 as much as I can.

But, I have to remember, I'm seeing family and friends I haven't seen for a year, and being with them is the most important. I can workout on schedule when I get home (especially since Les Mills' Pump will be waiting for me...)

So, hang in there, everyone. If you're super focused on a physical goal, stay super focused. If you're super focused on enjoying time with your family, stay super focused. Just remember your goals, and stay focused. Don't be sad or feel bad about yourself if you do something. Just do the best you can.

However, come January 2, look out :-) Back to 100% compliance AND awesomeness!

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jillconyers said...

Timely post! Chaos is what I'm feeling too. Strangely, for the most part, in a good way.

Happy holidays Sarah.