Monday, November 7, 2011

Need Motivation? Get it RIGHT HERE!

I have the great fortune of being good friends with Missy Reid. Missy is an NPC Figure Competitor, and one of the coolest people around. She is competing in the Natural Mid-States Muscle Classic XXIV in Rockford, Illinois *this weekend*!

Here's the progress Missy made between shows in one year.

SF: When did you start working out? What inspired you?
MR: I suppose you could say Ive been 'working out' most of my life.  I started in my teen years with home videos such as Windsor Pilates and Slim in 6.  But I never really stuck to anything as I didnt realize I couldnt out train a bad diet.  I finally got serious and started lifting weights around February 2009.  I dont think there was any one particular thing that inspired me other than reaching a breaking point of being tired with being unhappy with my body and being uncomfortable in my own skin.

Here's Missy as a child

2009- Before weight training 
2009- Before weight training

For contrasts, here's a pic of Missy from about a week ago..
SF: Why did you decide to compete?
MR: I had decided that in order to be successful in my weight loss journey, that I needed to have a goal that required a lot of an investment.  Something that I just couldnt back out of.

SF: What’s your favorite workout move?
MR: I love barbell bicep curls and rope pushdown tricep extension.  They both make my arms look pretty badass, and when you look good, you feel good.  And when you feel good, you get a heck of a great workout!

SF: How do you stay on track?
MR: Truth be told, unless I have a very specific goal to reach, I dont *always* stay on track.  Im human.  I stumble and fall just like everybody else.  But what helps me is keeping my goals in mind, and reaching out to like minded people with similar goals.  The power of support and encouragement can not be underestimated.

SF: What advice do you have for someone who is trying to get in shape?
MR: Just do it.  Eat right & exercise.  Dont over think it.  Dont complicate it.  When people ask me, "Whats your secret?" I love to cup my hand by my mouth, lean over, and wisper, "You really wanna know?  ...I. Stick. With. It."  As with reaching any goal, consistancy is KEY.  So dont expect it to happen over night. 

SF: What have you learned about competing that surprised you?
MR: How addicting it is!  And that its actually not really very competative.  I mean, it IS a competition and all, so I had thought it was going to be a bunch of cut throat, die hard, hardcore, sassy b*tches ready to pull eachothers hair out.  But the reality of it is that it is quite the opposite.  There is such a strong brother hood and sister hood in the fitness industry.  So many strong bonds are made from people who closely relate to one another about a passion they share.

SF: What is your favorite part of competing?
MR: Trick question!  Really, there is SO much that goes into a show and so many aspects about the sport that I love.  But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be a close call between being on that stage, and the journey it takes to get there.  Its only for mere moments, but being on stage in front of HUNDREDS of people, half neked (an asprin bottle has more cotton than those figure suits!), under hot bright lights, asking to be judged...it is an unexplainable high and quite an adrenaline rush. I absolutely love it.  I love putting on a show and entertaining a crowd.  And the journey to get there *heavenly sigh*  it is far beyond just a physical one.  You go through an internal transformation.  Mentally and emotionally you dig deep and really become in tune with yourself.  I emerge a different (better) person after every show.
SF: What are your plans for after the show this weekend?
MR: For now, I plan on continuing to diet for at least another 2 weeks.  Ive entered a transformation challege and the grand prize is 7 nights in Jamaica.  I REALLY want that! (who doesnt?!) Then, my focus will be on maintaining the lifestyle and finding balance. It's something that I have yet to master and I know will require a lot of effort.

Missy, looking great!
Thanks so much for the interview, Missy! I hope you guys were all as inspired by what she has accomplished as I have been!

Do me a favor and comment below if you'd like to send her some good vibes for this weekend!


Tony Van Helsing said...

Good interview and great advice on not over complicating it. Eat right, exercise and stick with it. Can't argue with that.

dasgood said...

Loved the interview and seeing Missy's before and after pictures. Awesome transformation! Sending LOTS of good vibes your way for next weekend Missy. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

A Pin-up in stitches said...

Go Missy!! You are the awesomesauce <3 Love you girl!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

WOW great job Missy!

Chris Stanbery said...

I am so proud of you! There are no words that can say what I feel when I watch my little girl on that stage working for here personal dreams. you can do anything you set your mind to. What a awsome Interview also.

Mary Brown said...

That was a very nice interview.
I am inspired by your motivation. I remember you at the age 19 and you have become this very strong beautiful very independent women. I wish you alot of fun this weekend.You are also very strong minded.

Keep up the great work.

Mary Brown

Kathy said...

Wow - very motivating! Love that she doesn't act like there is any big secret to her success - stick with it - pretty simple and we can all strive to do that!

Great interview!