Friday, November 4, 2011

High Five Hallelujah It's Fitness Friday!

Did I get enough words in that title? 

Here's your high five!

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Fitness Friday Blog Hop

5 things that are awesome:
1. I actually enjoyed a run yesterday. Shocking. It was raining earlier in the day, and I was afraid my plans for an outdoor run were thwarted... but by the time it was lunchtime running time, the rain had stopped and it was *perfect* running weather. I ran 2 miles with no walk breaks, and didn't feel like I would die. In fact, like I said, I enjoyed it. I guess this is why I keep running, for runs like this. Yay!

2. We get an extra hour this weekend. Oh hallelujah. I know it's just an hour, but I need it. I'm excited. I'm ready for Fall and Winter. Remind me I said that in January.

3. "Salted caramel" Cream of Wheat. My glorious breakfast this morning. I am obsessed with the whole "salted caramel" thing, but since I don't have room in my calories or budget for Starbucks, I don't partake much. So, I mixed a little sugar free Torani syrup in with my Cream of Wheat this morning, and some salt, and it was SO GOOD. I'm still reeling from the awesome.

4. Did I mention it's Friday? I am so ready for the weekend, even though with two small children, the weekends are often as busy as the week. I have a ton of housework to do, plus the parenting... but I just feel like I need to catch up.

5. David Boreanaz. I'm just thankful he exists.
I love you, too Sarah. In your mind.


April Westerhold said...

Yay for the good run! I HAVE GOT to get back to running. I just have no motivation. So happy for DST this weekend! Of course, my kids will probably still get up at 7 so it won't make a difference. :)

april@Party of Five

Rachel said...

Hive five for Friday! Awesome!

I came on over from the Fitnees Friday blog hop. Great job on getting your run in despite the weather!

Enjoy the extra hour this weekend. I think I will use it to sleep in! :)

Kathy said...

yay for running in the rain! I live in Oregon so it's kind of a must unless I want to be treadmill city for most of the year!

have a great weekend and enjoy the extra hour!

(here from the bloghop - new follower!).

Tony Van Helsing said...

How do you get cream out of wheat? I thought this was a dairy product.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Love me some 'Booth' too!
Saw the season premier of Bones last night and couldn't help wishing that their relationship was a bit steamier...
What a waste of his talents!
Happy Fitness Friday!

BabyWilt said...

:-) love these posts.

jillconyers said...

Happy Friday and another hallelujah!

Right now is perfect running weather here too. Enjoying it while it lasts and not looking forward to winter.

Have a great weekend Sarah!

Amy said...

Yay for great runs! I'm jealous of all you who get an extra hour this weekend - AZ doesn't do daylight savings time so I don't get any extra time.

My SoCal Life said...

hahah# 5 all the way!!! so happy to get the extra hour too this weekend!

XLMIC said...

I love the high 5 pic!

I wish they would just leave the time at regular all year long. The change wreaks havoc on my life. Wow... that sounded self-centered :P