Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday: "You think *this* is hard? You should try..."

One of the main reasons I love the show Glee is Sue Sylvester. 

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Her quips are classic. Here are some examples:

"You think this is hard? I have hepatitis. That's hard"
"You think this is hard? Try waterboarding. That's hard!"
"You think this is hard? Try filling your own cavity, that's hard!"
“You think this was hard? Try auditioning for Baywatch and being told they’re going in another direction. That was hard.”

You get the idea.

I've taken this a little further with my fitness activities. A friend and I made it through a particularly hilly 5K by making up more of these.

On the Whole30 page, under "Tough Love", what they said reminded me of Sue:

"It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Giving up heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard. You won’t get any coddling, and you won’t get any sympathy for your “struggles”. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE not to complete the program as written. It’s only thirty days, and it’s for the most important cause on earth – the only physical body you will ever have in this lifetime." - Whole30 Website here.

So, with that in mind, I've started the (modified) Whole30 challenge. Early. As in, "not on June 1st".


Well, the more I researched, the more the "forbidden" foods (milk, rice, black beans) that I normally consume started to seem less appealing. Saturday I decided to just go ahead and try it. I did have my Shakeology (the only exception I'm making during this "challenge") and did pretty well (except for maybe overindulging in some Sunbutter. OMG. That stuff is A-MAY-ZING...), but after dinner, I chose to eat some Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice Cream with my family. It was wonderful. I loved it. But, afterwards, I felt kind of sick.

So Sunday I went all in.

It's weird. I've been empowered. I'm not really hungry. My husband brought home pie (to go with the ice cream), and I was really not interested.

Maybe it's the accountability. Maybe it's the sunbutter. Whatever it is, it's working.

As for the workouts, I did pretty well. It was the P90X Recovery week... but I must confess, I didn't do a single P90X workout. I'm okay with that (Tony and I were on a break). Here's what last week looked like:

Monday: Ran on the treadmill. Crazy hill/speed intervals so I wouldn't die of boredom.
Tuesday: Ran a little over 2 miles on the track. I think I was sore from the treadmill.
Wednesday: Rest.
Thursday: Ran 2 miles in 80 degree weather. It was so hard, I contemplating quitting running for the Summer.
Friday: Turbofire Stretch 40 (A nice yoga-ish workout).
Saturday: Bob Harper Yoga for the Warrior (was supposed to run, but my low back felt tweaky)
Sunday: I kept saying I was going to run, but it just kept getting hotter outside, so I put it off until the next day.

Eh. So I didn't do Core Synergistics. I felt like I needed "recovery", and I felt like (later in the week) that early week hill/speed workout may have been a little too much.

Between the eating and the fitness, I feel a little bit like I'm getting this down...

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Cheeseboy said...

I do need some motivation. My weight loss has stalled for some 6 months now. And Sue Sylvester is the ONLY reason I watch Glee anymore.

Unknown said...

Well, I'll be happy to help motivate you!! What workouts are you doing?

Thanks for the comment!

Tony Van Helsing said...

Bob Harper the Yoga Warrior?