Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beachbody Saturday: My Summit Experience So far

So, remember how last time I posted my picture with Tony Horton. Yes, it's getting ridiculous.
Tony Horton: My New BFF

Wait, Tony found out about the cake I had last night. He's not happy.
But it was a glorious cake.
I asked Tony if he would please tell me to stop eating crap. He yelled: "Sarah! Stop eating crap!" So, now if I am tempted to eat crap, I will remember Tony yelling at me.


I'm having a blast, and my time doesn't just consist of stalking Tony Horton, waiting for another photo op.

I'm meeting some pretty amazing people. I met one coach at dinner last night whose "WHY" (or the reason he is a coach) is to help veterans become healthier. He himself is a disabled veteran with a compressed vertebrae, and P90X has allowed him to function better than he was before. I was inspired by this guy.

I also am learning a lot. I attended a session this afternoon that I think has changed my life. It was about time management. You're probably saying "Yawn. What's spiritual about time management?" But it was so much more. When you realize how limited time is, you feel the need to prioritize your time a little better. The question was asked: Does your activity reflect your priorities?

That is a good question. Does it? I mean, honestly, think about your priorities. What are they?


My family.
My health/fitness.
My church/community.

So, what are you spending most of your time doing? Is that benefiting one of these priorities?

As I continue to learn and have those "aha" moments, I can honestly say this is the experience of a lifetime. But, lucky me- I am already registered for next year's SUMMIT!

Stay tuned for more, including an awesome picture of me and Shaun T('s abs).


jillconyers said...

Visiting via Blog Frog. I'm am avid P90Xer! So cool that you have pics with Tony.

jillconyers said...

Interesting concept with time and priorities. Until a few years ago my answer would have been no. Now, a definite and a very happy yes!


Unknown said...

Jill! I like your priorities!

Ross said...

Hey! Sorry it's been so long but keep up the great work! I've lost 28lbs just from eating a much healthier diet. I can't believe it! If I wasn't disabled and could excersise the way I want to it could be even more.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Never mind not eating the cake, don't take pictures of it either.

Unknown said...

Ross, great to hear from you, and congratulations on your success!

Tony, it was a cake that needed to be remembered.