Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Running: Why do you suck so much?

Seriously. Running. What is your problem?
"I'm even upset about this. Running. You suck. That's coming from a vampire."

I mean really. I train, and I train, and I train. I have wonderful runs that make me love it. I try to get other people to try it. So, why for the last several times I've attempted to run, has this been me?
"Why is running getting harder?"
The past few times I've run, it seems to be getting harder and harder. I find myself having to take walk breaks, even in a 2 mile run.

Technically, according to the "Intermediate" Half Marathon training plan I have for the Half in September, I was supposed to start training this week. It was supposed to look something like this:
Monday: Run 45 minutes, easy.
Wednesday: Run 45 minutes, moderate
Friday: 45 minutes something something
Saturday: Run 6 miles.

Here's what it looked like:
Monday: Turbofire 30, Eoin Finn Yoga
Tuesday: Run 25 minutes. Barely make it.
Wednesday: Insanity Asylum, Strength.
Thursday: Run 15 minutes and cry.

Yep, we're starting this training schedule off with a bang, aren't we.

Here are my theories:

I've been eating about 90% Paleo off and on for a while. At Summit I broke from it a little, but that's my basic plan (no I'm not counting the Red Velvet Cake. I have such magical memories of that cake).
Maybe I'm not getting what I need to perform right. I'm still drinking my Shakeology daily, but other than that, I'm really eating a lot less.

I can't imagine running 25 minutes can lead to overtraining, when I read people's blogs who say, "I was tired, so I only ran 10 miles today". Really? But, it could be.

General Funkiness (and not in a good way)
I am tired. I had a crazy wild time at Summit, but I went into it sleep deprived, and I finished it REALLY sleep deprived. And I'm still sleep deprived. Maybe things are just harder because I'm so dang tired all the time.

So, what's the plan, Stan?
Here are a few things I'm considering:

Postponing Insanity: The Asylum 30 Day Challenge from June 27 to July 4.
- Rather than trying to do them both, just do yoga, running and the Strength workout (because I love it). Also, running no more than 2 miles at a time.

Taking a week off of running completely
- Start Asylum, and don't do any running the first week. Then when I start back, don't run any more than 2 miles at a time.

Adding some things like oatmeal back into my diet.  
- Maybe that will make a difference..

So, I guess I have until Monday to decide. I won't be running anymore this week. It's just not fun for me right now.

Now, just to make me feel better, here's this:

"Why, yes, Sarah, you *are* awesome. It's Running that sucks..."


[fiz-eek] geek said...

I agree with Hotty McVampire, you *are* awesome :-)

I was having the same issues as you doing about 98% paleo. One day I said nuh uh gonna eat me some baked oatmeal. Booyah felt sooo much better! Now I am all about the morning oatmeal occasional bread, whole grain pasta, brown rice etc. I think my body really needs those good carbs to perform and be properly fueled. Sure paleo was great the 1t 2 weeks and I dropped a few pounds but it was so not worth the way I felt in the 3rd week.

Orks were made for Krunkin! said...

Have you tried getting some basic blood work done too? Hypothyroidism can be a major cause of feeling exhausted and tired all the time....trust me, I have it. Try getting your iron levels, your blood count (hemoglobin) and TSH taken. You never know! And it can't hurt to have some basic blood work done :)

Unknown said...

so I am not an expert or doctor so just take this for what it is. (and I have no experience with paleo)

1.Could you be dehydrated? When you don't drink enough water, your body cannot transfer oxygen to your muscles properly. As a runner and active person, you should be drinking about 3 liters of water a day.

2. In my experience, just going out and running every single day does not help my runs get better or my speed improve. I actually do 3 running days. 1 day is speed work, 1 day is interval work/tempo work, and 1 day is a long run. I also use a walk/run method when I do long distance. I know, that sounds terrible, but i ran an entire half marathon and did it in 2:26 then did walk/run on another and did it in 2:17. Look up galloway method

3. Swimming and biking are excellent ways to improve your cardiovascular capacity without putting stress on your running muscles, especially swimming. I would add 2 days of that each week and I bet your running will get easier.

BabyWilt said...

Oh Sarah I feel your pain. My personal opinion is that it takes a special kinda person to love running ALL the time. If you don't go the reintroducing oatmeal route try upping sweet potato or adding in brown rice on running days?
The other thing I would suggest is to back off Insanity while you do your longer runs, all together it may just be too much for your body with the fuel its receiving ... and as I type that it kinda screams "eat oatmeal" doesn't it ;-)

ANyway I hope you get your mojo back and a break is a great too to reinvigorate the soul.

Ursula said...

I am hypothyroid, and had half my thyroid surgically removed a couple of years ago. Unfortunately fatigue was alarming but when I started taking porcine thyroid, my fatigue decreased.