Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Insanity: The Asylum, Day 2/30.. with a special guest.

Day 2.... (insert ominous music here):
Today's workout was "Strength".

I gotta tell you.... I woke up this morning in PAIN. OUCH! My traps and shoulders were ridiculously sore. My hip flexors were sore. I didn't really feel like doing the workout...

But I did.

About 2 minutes into the warmup, the very loud thunderstorm woke up my 3 year old. It took a little negotiating to get him to watch TV in bed so I could work out some more.

Then the baby woke up.

There were a few breaks, but honestly, I was glad.

Here's the post-workout video...

Is my hair cool or what? I'm all about keepin' it real...

I'll post an indepth review of this workout later. But, here's a shot of what I looked like at the end of it during one of last week's workouts:

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brooke said...

I always love when the children interject! :)