Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's Workout, with special guest Rudey McRude..

Ahhh.. remember Full House?

So, remember how I made a whole blog post about my workout plan for this week? Yeah, I kind of threw it out the window when Brazil Butt Lift arrived yesterday...

I did the workout Bum Bum this morning which was surprisingly challenging (mainly due to the fact that there were NO BREAKS. No breaks. NOOOOOO BREAKS.) (However, there *is* a pause button.)

Anyway, I went for my lunchtime run today at the indoor track. Since it's consistently above 100 degrees here, and the heat index is so high, they don't have "Bike Day" anymore at my son's daycare, the track has gotten kind of crowded.

Also, since I've been going at a pretty consistent time of day for a few weeks, I'm starting to see a few of the same people.

There is this one guy who I have nicknamed "Rudey McRude". Although, he does run every day with a shirt that says "Umpire" on the back... I still like "Rudey McRude" better than "Umpire".

Wait, I should back up...

The track at the University Rec Center is on the second floor, and circles around a big area. The area below contains the basketball courts. So, whenever there is any kind of event (which is often in the summer), it can get kind of loud. Also, sometimes people on the track who aren't completely focused can sometimes stop running/walking or whatever, and just stand and stare at the game. That's not inconvenient at all...

And the track is 3 lanes. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you go in one direction. Every other day, you go in the other direction. There is a sign that says "Runners only outside lane". To me that means:

- Pass on the outside lane.
- Walk on the inside lane.

But back to Rudey McRude, because he's my main problem right now.

He is in good shape, and is one of those runners who is *obviously* so awesome that running fast is SUPER EASY for him, so he passes me a lot. That's fine. I'm secure enough with myself to not worry about people passing me.

I often run in the middle lane, unless there is a walker there, in which case I pass them on the outside lane. Before going back to the middle lane, I allow several steps to make sure there is room, look over my shoulder, then go back to the middle lane.

However, Rudey McRude often passes me on the outside lane, but while passing me *cuts me off*. It's like he's just the most important person on the track, so there can't possibly be anyone else in that lane, right?

Today, there was a particularly large group of walkers in a cluster, which is cool. They were aware of us runners, and made sure the outside lane was free.

Rudey McRude was coming up behind me and I was faced with the choice of either passing the walkers *quickly*, or slow down behind the walkers. I decided to go for it, and I passed the walkers.

I waited my 4 or 5 steps to make sure I wasn't cutting off any walkers, and looked over my shoulder to go back to the middle lane, because I wanted to be courteous to Rudey McRude.

Well, Rudey McRude was way ahead of me. He slid past the walkers and passed me on the inside, almost knocking me over. The walkers even noticed it and kind of gasped. But Rudey McRude just kept running, because he's such a fabulous and amazing person he probably didn't even see me.

I even yelled, "Dude! Really?" But I guess headphones make it possible to ignore that.

So, I spent the rest of that run cursing along with Jay Z (and saying all of the really *bad* words especially loud) and at 2 miles, went to stretch and have some water. I felt wounded.

I stretched. I decided to run one more quick mile. And I did. It was quick (for me). 9:05 is quick. Those of you who run a mile in 6:30 may not think so, but it's all relative.

All together, I was happy with my run. I wish I had run 3 miles STRAIGHT at a 9:05 pace.. but whatever. I don't think I can blame that on Rudey McRude.

Anyone have any feedback on track etiquette? Do I have this all wrong?

More tomorrow, when I will probably do a completely different workout than what I claimed I would do earlier this week...


Nikki said...

hahaha...Loved Full House! Don't know much about track etiquette but it seems to me like that guy thought he owned the place! Hey, a 9:05 pace? That is rocking girl! Great job under those conditions!

[fiz-eek] geek said...

Next time trip him ;)

Stefanie D. said...

What a dick! I had always thought that slower runners stayed to the outside of the track, and faster runners were to be on the inside lanes? So I think that YOU did what you were supposed to. He was just dumb. Thank you for the ab workout link!! DEFINITELY going to give it a try!

Stefanie D. said...

Ok. Totally lied about that link. I was confusing your comment with the one above it. BUT, if you DO want a new ab workout to try, go to www.fitnessista.com. Search for spring ab workout. :)

jillconyers said...

What a jerk and I love the name Rudey McRude LOL Sorry I can't be of much help with the track etiquette. I'd love to know more about the Brazil Butt Lift workouts.

You're doing great. Keep it up despite the McRudeys of the world.

Unknown said...

I don't run on a track, heck i don't even run... but this guy sounds like a complete ass. i will compare it to the women who stand in the middle of the grocery aisle with their carts and 10 bratty children who refuse to move as you are trying to reach the baked beans on the bottom shelf. Bitches! ok, maybe bad comparison but it made me chuckle so im going with it.

Summy.B said...

I'm following you back. Thank u for the follow. I love ur writing style u made me smile!

Have a good weekend!