Thursday, October 27, 2011

My day at the gym...

Today I went to the gym. I had all kinds of epiphanies and emotions, so I thought I would share them with you:

1. Keep lifting weights, and you can lift heavier weights. Wait, does that make sense? I want to share with you how it used to be: I limited myself. When I first started lifting weights, I used "The Firm". They would tell you to pick up a light, medium or heavy weight. Sometimes they would give you a range. (Example: "Time for triceps kickbacks. 3-5 pounds). So, I limited myself. 10 pounds was heavy.

Then, I got a set of 12 pounders. Wow. I was killing it then.

Eventually I got a set of 15s. Wow. Look out everyone! I stayed there for a while. I couldn't imagine going any heavier.... but I did.

I added a set of 20s and a set of 25s. That's where I stopped with my home weights.

Today, I did shoulder presses with 25s. Wow. I didn't think I could do that. I remember when I could barely get 10 pounds over my head.

Isn't it amazing to see such progress?

2. Sometimes you need a break.
After I did my upper body work, I had planned a 2 mile run. I went upstairs to the track and started running... and ran exactly 48 seconds before quitting.

I'm not training for a running event right now. All the running I do is kind of a "bonus" just so I don't forget how to do it. So I felt like it was okay to skip the run today. I ended up doing some extra stretching, which did me a world of good.

3. Diet is important.

This is not really a new epiphany. But it kind of goes with the item above. I used to do cardio workouts and longer runs than I probably should to make up for eating. "Uh oh, I need to burn 300 more calories today. I better run anyway". But, since I'm following my diet plan, I didn't need to do that. I was able to stop running and not feel bad about it. Yay!

4. I wish I could go back in time and slap some sense into my 17 year old self.

This is a little deeper than the others. While I was stretching, the song by Pink, "F'in perfect" came on. It kind of made me cry a little.

I think about how I wish I could just tell my teenage self (or my 20-30 year old self, in some cases) all of these things. I wasted so much time not feeling good enough.... and it just breaks my heart. It also breaks my heart that my kids may someday go through those feelings about themselves... and they are so amazing!

So, those were my epiphanies. Sorry to say none of them involved David Boreanaz. But I'll put a picture of him here anyway...

"Sarah, I went to the gym and got my shirt all sweaty. Because you're awesome. (Source)


Lisa J said...

lot of epiphanies for one workout! I love discovering that we can push ourselves farther than we thought. Read a blog the other day about how 1 girl lost her gamin and ran a 1/2 marathon without it- and ran a 13 min PR because she listened to her body not her watch.

Right on with getting stronger

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Love the epiphanies! So true! I think the weight training thing goes for other things as well. You can apply it to running, in which you start running one mile at a time and move on up to (can you believe it) 13...or...however many! Baby steps!

jillconyers said...

Your epiphanies are so true! And smart! I always wish I would have started what I do now sooner.

Have a great weekend!