Monday, October 24, 2011

Yay! Monday!

Seriously. I'm kind of excited about this Monday. Here's why:

Seriously, though:

1. It's a new week!
2. Anything can happen!
3. I have coffee!
4. I feel great success coming!

One of the reasons I'm feeling successful IN ADVANCE include the fact that I prepped my meals for the next 3 days. I can't tell you how good it feels to know all my food is ready. I don't have to freak out and wonder what I'm going to eat.
I like to take pictures of my food...

Of course, Wednesday night I'll have to do it again. But that's okay...

Plus, I really believe that if you think it's a good week, it will be. It's not always easy to be in a good mood- believe me, I know!- but why not? It doesn't hurt anything to be happy. It doesn't help anything to be stressed. So, why not be happy, and then if things get better, you're still happy? If they don't, you're still happy!

Okay, that was my ray of sunshine for the morning.

What are you happy about this happy Monday?


fancy nancy said...

That picture is so me!! I love me some coffee!! What made me happy this morning was being able to help a student decide on a college. It's the little things! Great job on prepping your food. I find that that sets me on the right track for the week!

jillconyers said...

That picture could be of me! I loved reading about your happiness and on a Mon too!

Eschelle said...

wow good work on prepping your meals for the week I could never do it with hubby being so picky but i do make dinner in under 30 min every night so i traded on the time thing lol. I love cooking too so that helps!!

popping in via the blogging buddy groups!! congrats on being the weekly feature!!