Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Amazing, Wonderful, Miraculous Trip to the Grocery Store with a 3 Year Old..


No, really.

Today, I made the big grocery list for the week. I asked my husband to watch the baby and took my son with me to the store.

I made a big deal about how just my son and I were going to the store together. "Mommy and R Day!"

We got one of those carts where the kids can sit in and pretend to drive a car. He made race car sounds and I sped up and slowed down and pretended he was driving a race car.

I admit that I had to bribe him. I asked him what kind of treat he would like before we went. He said chocolate. I told him throughout the experience that he was being really good, and if he kept being good he would get a treat!

There were a couple of moments when he got a little crazy. I just pulled over, bent down to his level, and reminded him that he wanted to be a good boy to get his treat. And then it was fine...

Why was this trip so much better than most of the others? I think the planning helped, and of course the bribery, but I think overall it was my mindset.

I went into this thinking, "We are going to have so much fun!" And we did.

So many times when I go to the store with my son, I expect it to go badly. I expect to be stressed out. And, that's usually what happens.

But this time, we both had a great time. And, he got some m and m's....

I think there's a lesson there (for me at least).

Those of you with kids, do you have any experiences that are similar?

Have a great weekend,

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Eat To Live said...

M&Ms are the best!!! I can't eat sugar any longer but... I love M&Ms.

Thanks for stopping by, I am folllowing

tawna6988 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and hopping with me today. http://tawnasplan.blogspot.com, I am following you too!

Love this post, it's all about the positive htinkning girl, you got it! I havae a whole blog dedicated to my joureny to a more positive world at http://tawnassecret.blogspot.com. Can I refer to this post on it and give you a plug on my blog? Shoot me an email and let me know tawna6988 AT gmail DOT com

It reminds me of the saying "when Mom is happy everyone is happy." We attract what we are! Awesome you had to much fun today!

Praises from a Wife and Mommy! said...

I love the race car carts! I always take my daughter with me to the store and she always behaves in the car! :)

Unknown said...

Following back!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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