Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being a Hero

You know the phrase, “Don’t be a hero?” As I understand it, it means something like “Don’t take an extreme risk that could result in injury to yourself just to look cool..” (I’m sure there are lots of other interpretations as well…).Basically, it’s about self-preservation, right?

Well, today I decided not to be a hero.

I had planned to run today, after over a week away from it due to injury, snow, and sickness. But my cough still lingered. If it was just a little cough and runny nose, I think I would be fine, but this still feels, well, “chesty.”

Ar first, I thought I would skip the run and do cardio inside. But, as I thought about it, I realized my energy was still low, I was still achy (and not in a good way) and decided that just doing the housework and childcare I had planned today would take enough energy.

So, today I told myself: “Don’t be a hero.”

It was rough. I wonder if I’ll ever run again. I feel off, not having worked out since Wednesday. But, I realized it sounds a little ridiculous to use up all my energy on a workout and then be too weak to do anything else today.

However, I think, in a way, making those hard decisions is a little heroic. I’m proud of myself, and know that when I get the chance to run Monday, it will be GLORIOUS… because I will be healthy again.

To your health!


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(Originally published 1/15/2011)

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