Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Recently, I was reminded of the importance of balance.
I really love running. Well, I don't usually love the first mile, but once I get going I love it. I love talking about running. I love thinking about running. I love running gear. I love going to the local running store. I love running races. I especially love the feeling after a good run.
So, do you see that I love running?
Last Saturday, I decided to run inside. It was snowing, and while snow itself usually doesn't deter me, the harsh wind seemed like it would be rough. So I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. Well, I just never got it together. I lasted about half a mile and had to quit. I got discouraged, but decided to use this time to do some lifting.
Well, I haven't run since then. It just keeps snowing! Monday and Tuesday,my kids' daycare was closed, so we were housebound. Wednesday, I returned to work and planned to run, but another obstacle has reared its head: I'm sick.
Runny nose, stuffy head, cough... I can take those things. Achy body... okay, that could just be from training. Pain in my chest when I take a deep breath.... uh oh. I decided not to run, and I went very quickly from, "I don't think I'll run today", to "I need to go home and get in bed immediately."
So, Thursday became a rest day, in every way. Home from work resting. Looking at all the things that need to be done at the house, but not doing them because I'm resting.
It got me thinking about balance. How balanced is it to run when I can't even breathe? I may be a little crazy.
It's one thing to be motivated, to have a goal you're working towards (like me with the Country Music Half Marathon), and we're all motivated by "cosmetic reasons" to some extent (I admit this openly- I want to look like I work out!), but isn't the main reason we do this to be healthy? How healthy is it to push through illness and get worse just to keep exercising?
So, I reviewed my training schedule for the half, there's a bit of leeway... I logged my calories carefully (which I usually do, but I'm burning about 300 less so I needed to adjust) and allowed myself to rest.
You know what? I'm already feeling better.
So, my friends, if you're driven, like me, take a minute to think about why you do it. Remember your ultimate goal, and take care of yourselves!
To your health,
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