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Turbofire Review Series: Fire 30

The following is part of a series. For an introduction to this series as a whole, please see this post.
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Fire 30 Description:
Fire 30 is a 30 minute Turbo workout following the typical format: Warmup (each Fire workout does the same warmup, just likeTurbokick and Turbojam); A few punching/kicking sections; fire drills; and a finale.
This workout, like the other Fire workouts, offers the "New to Class" option. If you choose this option, after the warm-up, there is a seamless transition to a section where Chalene reviews the choreography for the upcoming section (If you're familiar with Turbokick, this is the way the instructor videos did the section reviews before the workout... at least back in my day...).
Using the "New to Class" option makes it more likely that you'll get the choreography, but even if you don't get it perfectly, you'll get practice. As Chalene says, "Practice burns calories!"
This moves pretty fast and is pretty intense. The fire drill consists of the same one minute drill, but it's repeated two times.
The cool down is pretty short. Each of the DVDs in this series includes a 10 minute workout called "Stretch 10". The user is encouraged to use this after as many workouts as possible. But there is a very short, very basic "get you back to where you were when you started" stretch at the end.
Some of songs include: Play That Funky Music, We Want the Funk, Proud Mary, Every Little Step (I found myself recognizing several sections and tunes from previous Turbokick rounds).
Some of the moves include: Fast feet/Football run (Flashdance), Clockwork, Hi-lo punches, Twist, and Fire Throw (a new move I hadn't seen before Turbofire that consists of contracting your abs, lifting your knee and acting like your throwing. Looking back on that, it doesn't seem right. It's very hard to describe.)
Intensity (from 1: laying on the couch to 10: I'm about to puke in a bucket):
Again, modifications are offered, and you can make it as hard as you like. I find that the speed itself makes it intense, so if you are modifying down, you might try making the movements smaller (when I did Turbofire 8 months pregnant I found that the speed was the most challenging element for me). So, I think you could probably work this from about a 5 - 8 or 9. (Remember, the goal is not to work at a 10 all the time).
Other thoughts:
Overall, I find myself reaching for this one pretty often. Part of it is the length- with 2 kids and a full time job, if I can do a tough workout in 30 minutes, I am happy. I would rather complete a 30 minute workout than get through 30 minutes of a 45 minute workout and have to stop (that's just me...).
Also, it's quite a fun one.
Stay tuned for more reviews, and if you have done any of these workouts, please add your thoughts, especially if you can help me explain "Fire Throws".
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